Improved BIM Design Capabilities for Fire Sprinkler Systems with new Revit families

The Viking Corporation, a leading solution provider in fire protection and life safety systems, just launched a new Revit family library for its entire range of fire sprinklers. The new Revit families are accessible from Viking’s website. The Revit users can get an improved BIM design process for Viking sprinklers.

With new sprinkler families, the designers can avail families at either a category level, model level, or for a specific sprinkler. While loading a new family into a BIM project, the designer can select a particular Viking sprinkler(s) on the basis of the different attributes along with sprinkler type, orientation, temperature, and finish.

It facilitates a more accurate illustration of the BIM project and circumvents over-burdening the project file with redundant data.

Each new Revit family is delivered in a zip file that comprises of both the Revit file (.rfa) and a equivalent text file with specific sprinkler types, models and attributes. While extracting the zip…

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