Mass Timber in the Neighborhood

Sideyard Building by Skylab Architecture

I love the new Mass Timber buildings that are growing in popularity, especially up here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had a mass timber building going up just a block from our Portland office. The Sideyard held a grand opening last evening and soon Ferment Brewing and other tenants will hopefully be opening, especially Ferment Brewing – yes yes yes.

The Sideyard (B76 West) building went up really fast compared to other local construction we have been watching from our office windows and walking our office neighborhood. I have previously wrote about this B76 when taking a group of Autodesk employees on a tour of the building a little over a month ago (Portland Autodesk Employee Mass Timber Field Trip).  It was awesome to see Greg Howes and Stefan Schneider of CutMyTimber at the Grand Opening and showing off their hard work and craftsmanship.

Developer: Key Development
Architect: Sideyard — Skylab Architecture
Builder: Anderson Construction

The look of the mass timber building…

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