Talking to VINCI in Paris

After a quick trip to Zurich on Tuesday, on Wednesday I took the train to Paris. I’d booked a hotel that was convenient for our Paris office, and walked there from la Gare de Lyon through le Parc de Bercy.

Sculpture in Bercy Park - I think it has a face

I’d made tentative plans to meet up with friends in the evening, but as they had to cancel (for excellent reasons) I ended up wandering around Bercy Village to get a quick bite to eat. I’m mostly a people person, but I have to admit that having the occasional evening to myself is bit of a treat. (I’ll be back again in Paris for two nights next week and so will hopefully be able to catch up with my friends then.)

Bercy Village by night

In the morning I crossed the Seine to get to Autodesk’s Paris office. I was there to present an introduction to the work Autodesk Research has done around generative design to people from various parts of VINCI, a very important customer of ours. It was part of a workshop organised by Roméo Sanches, our Customer Success Manager who works with VINCI. (Thanks…

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