Seems quite a long time since I posted about Our Lady of Paris (:the Big Mama:)

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk about open BIM. My thesis was that we should keep an open mind about what BIM is “for”.  I used Project Notre Dame as an example. Using the super-powers of the BIM pencil to explore history and tell stories about Humanity.

Last weekend I began to prepare for AU and decided to make a simplified model of Notre Dame, like a children’s toy: colourful wooden blocks. A series of view filters allow me to present this as a sequence. This is not a sequence in time. It is simply a way of explaining the overall form of the cathedral. (by the way, 3 and 4 are in the wrong order at the moment)

The striped appearance is achieved by half-toning alternate bays and is just a way to make the divisions clearer, as you might do with the rows of a spreadsheet.

The model is full size, and I took the opportunity to try out a revised grid. This is based on comparing various floor plans…

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