Dynamo: String Concatenation 2

I had some time and tested some scenarios using the “successful” nodes for concatenating a list of strings shown in this previous post and noticed that the concatenation will still work if the lists do not all have the same numbers of strings. It still concatenates the first item in each list, and so on; once the shortest list runs out of items, it simply does not contribute anything to subsequent concatenations. The process will fail, if the items in the source lists contain anything other than strings, however. That is not a particular surprise (to me, anyway), but a combination of being able to handle non-text items in the source lists without throwing an error/crashing the graph and wanting to see just what it would take to write a Python Script node that could process a variable number of lists of strings prompted me to try it.

A List Create node is still necessary to make a single list of lists to serve as the input, so that the Python Script node need only have one…
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