This is the second in a series of posts looking back over nine years of blogging.

An awards dinner, an honourable mention and I seem to remember getting rather drunk with on of the partners. Our submission for the BIM category was rather too complex and unconventional to be an outright winner. But the project was a tremendous learning experience for me, which is surely the greatest prize. Topography is another of those love-hate features in Revit.  One day we will have a better solution, but you can actually do an awful lot with Revit topo, as I found on this project, it just takes time.

I had a young Australian friend in the office around this time.  He was a design architect who was the value of starting early with Revit.  Sadly he was a bit out of step with senior management and eventually he moved on.  But for a while we had some great discussions and I tackled all kinds of challenges that he presented to me. …

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