Knee-deep in AU prep – Through the Interface

Things have been quiet on this blog, since my return from Scotland. Mainly because I’ve been heads-down dealing with preparation for Autodesk University 2019, which I’d love to say was on the horizon, whereas it’s – more accurately – coming at top speed around a nearby streetcorner. In less than 3 weeks many us us will be flying to Las Vegas for the latest installment of my favourite annual conference.

Today was the deadline for AU speakers to submit class handouts: I managed to submit something for both my classes, so I can now switch focus to the various presentations I need to prepare for them. While working on the presentation for my class on Project Rediscover, I created this fun little GIF, which shows in broad terms the way the MaRS geometry system (and some of its goals) work.

MaRS steps

As mentioned in a recent post, this year I have 3 sessions (2 classic 60-minute lectures – the other being this one relating to our work on Dasher 360 – plus a 15-minute Theater Talk)…

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