Revit 2020 Family Offset Parameter

With each release of software, there seems to be little things that change, but are either not documented as a change or the documentation on being a change is buried and difficult to locate.  In Revit 2020, there are some changes in the built-in parameters for families when they are placed in a project file.  These changes can come into play when using automation, such as Dynamo.  While they may or may not have much impact on your particular usage of Revit, it is important information of which to be aware.

The parameter changes will be a bit different depending on the type of hosting mechanism used with a family.  I am showing just a couple of different examples to illustrate the changes.

Example 1

The following illustration shows the same non-hosted cabinet family placed in a Revit 2019 project file and in a 2020 project file.  Note the following differences:

  • The Offset parameter in Revit 2019 no longer exists.
  • Elevation from Level and Offset from Host parameters are new…

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