Something Borrowed

I can’t believe it has been a long time I haven’t written a single post. I definitely got lazy and didn’t write anything even though I have number of things of Revit’s tips and tricks to share.

So, here’s a quick one that I am sharing today. I started to get back to build Revit family due to certain project need these days. I needed to build some nested family as kit of parts.

I stumbled on this when I notice this family has the caster wheel as model group. In the past I know you can copy/paste model group from project to project or from one family to another in family editors. However, I hardly use model groups when it comes to building family as I prefer to use nested family as kit of parts. Nested family (in my experience) is more stable and can be built in with parameters so I am always in favor of using that workflow.

What I didn’t know is I can simply go to the project browser, track down the model group, right click and save the model group to … A NEW FAMILY!

Just like that!…

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