Scope Box View Property Greyed Out in Revit

Here is a little software trick to catch out the unwary Revit user:

There are some situations where the Scope Box property of a view is greyed out – so you cannot assign a Scope Box to the view.

The answer may be to do with the Crop Boundary – and it may not be obvious, especially if the crop boundary is hidden.

To track this down:

  • Make the Crop Boundary visible
  • It may or may not be apparent that the  Crop Boundary has been edited
  •  Or it may not be obvious – if only a minor edit is done to the boundary
  • Select the crop boundary
  •  If it has been cropped, the Ribbon will show the ‘Reset Crop’ icon available
  • Another way to check if it has been cropped is to look for the shape-handles on the crop boundary – extra dots indicate segments in a boundary
  • Click on ‘Reset Crop’ – the edits to the boundary will be removed (along with the extra shape-handles)
  • The Scope Box property will now be available for use.
  •  The ‘Reset Crop’ icon will now be greyed out -…

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