CPA and NBS – Product Information Report

This week saw the publication of the CPA and NBS Product Information Report. The report was, in part, a look at the challenges set out in Chapter 7 of the Hackett Report, which relate to communicating construction product information in a clear and unambiguous way.

CPA and NBS report

In terms of what information ‘users’ of construction product information require, there were some clear requirements:

  • Technical product information to complete the specification
  • Third party certification
  • Suitability information – in particular if the product forms part of a system
  • Currency/availability information
  • Supporting guidance

It was also very clear that users want information digitally. The only significant requirement for ‘physical’ information was product samples and delivery of in-person CPD. This is a huge change in a decade where printed literature was once common place.

There was also a difference in understanding between what users wanted and what providers thought they wanted.

Focus more on:

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