Weird Reference Callout Rules in Revit

Over many years of struggling with Revit’s numerous quirks, I have never quite figured out what the hidden rules are for Callouts.  Here are my latest thoughts after some detailed research:

Reference Callouts

When you tick the box ‘Reference Other View’ you get a list of possible views to reference.  That list of views is not predictable (so I thought) – however, I’ve narrowed down some extra rules about which views might be available:

  • A plan, section, elevation or detail view will only show in the list if it is cropped  (This caught me out at first).
  • A drafting view cannot be cropped – so the above rule does not apply.
  • A so-called “Rendering” view, which is actually like a drafting view with an image on it- so it cannot be cropped
  • Certain view family/types are available depending on the active view being placed in – see the list below.
  • If you apply the first two rules to the list of view types below, you might just be able to predict what can be referenced when.

Rules for…

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