Back home and Happy Holidays!

After getting back to Bangalore from Pune, I did end up having to spend the best part of Wednesday morning dealing with more Indian bureaucracy. The bank I was in was going through its annual archival process, which meant the floor soon filled with papers…

Starting the archival process

… and then boxes containing them.

We're done

This brought back memories, as it was Writer Relocations that handled our move to India, back in 2003.

After this I was able to head across Bangalore to meet with an old friend, Lokessh, for lunch.


Old building

Lokessh works just off Queen’s Road, in the old centre of the city.

Queen's Road

Kean and Lokessh

We went for lunch at a Bangalore institution, Nagarjuna’s. It’s one of the best places to get Andhra cuisine in the city (we also used to go to Bheema’s, which isn’t bad, either).


It was really busy…

Waiting in line

… but Lokessh managed to find us somewhere to sit.

Lunch at Nagarjuna's

From there I headed back across to the Bangalore office, where I took a few pics to show off some of its design features.


It could really be an Autodesk office anywhere in the…

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