How Architects are Using VR and AR in Design Processes

Using VR and AR in Design

Guest post from Jessica Outlaw who runs the Outlaw Center for Immersive Behavioral Science at Concordia University in Portland Oregon. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) is increasingly being incorporated into the design process for architects. VR/AR devices allows architects and their clients to experience their buildings, and make any necessary adjustments, before construction begins.

I interviewed eight experts who are working in the intersection of architecture and VR to learn how VR is changing the way architects are doing their job and recapped my learnings below.

Streamline Existing Processes

Rather than revolutionizing the whole design process, VR is slipping seamlessly into existing design processes for architects and streamlining them.

“It’s not so much that people get new ideas or change the design in a radical way, but rather what we’re seeing is that people who use VR software make less mistakes because they can explore the building, get new ideas, and see…

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