Pune – Through the Interface

On Sunday morning I booked an Uber to get across to Bangalore airport for my flight to Pune. It was still early, so
the only other being in the street was a cow.


It was busier when I arrived at Bangalore airport.


And more Christmassy, too.


I got myself some idli sambar (the breakfast is better at the domestic terminal than the international one, by all
accounts), and then waited by the gate for my SpiceJet flight.


The flight was slightly delayed, but basically uneventful – it takes a little over an hour to get from Bangalore to


This was my first time to Pune, which sometimes comes as a surprise to people. Pune is the CAD capital of Bangalore: most CAD and simulation vendors have offices in the city. Autodesk now has a very large one there (although I wasn’t visiting it on this trip). I’d lived in Bangalore in 2003-2005 and had certainly interviewed a number of candidates from Pune, but somehow hadn’t had a reason to visit until now.

Nem from the Centre…

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