Use of GIS in BIM

The construction industry has come far on the shoulders of digital computing. Software usage is standard now in designing, modeling, cost estimation, and project management with every constructor now. Particularly, BIM (Building Information Modeling) software has become common in every project from small residential to giant infrastructure construction.

However, a major headache of the AEC’s (Architects, Engineers & Constructors) is data loss between the planning and development phases. Whenever you transmit data from one software to another, the receiving application translates the data in its own custom ways. What it cannot translate, it rejects as garbage. After that, the AEC has to recreate the lost data in the plan again. The more software stages your project has, the more this problem will occur, the more complicated this situation will become and the more the error margin will grow.

However, the rapid evolution in the cloud-based data storage, vending, and analysis…

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