Additively Manufacturing Music using the Printesizer

I mentioned in the last post that I had a fun topic to share to help get the new decade started. Well, here it is!

I’ve been collaborating with Elias Cohenca from our Tel Aviv office on and off over the last few years: Elias managed to port the THREE.MeshLine JavaScript library to work with THREE.js r71, making it compatible with the current releases of the Forge viewer. We’ve made heavy use of this library in Dasher 360 to represent skeletons and streamlines, for instance.

I’ve also been mentoring Elias, something I mentioned in this post from the middle of last year. Elias is working on some really interesting stuff – both professionally and personally – and I’ve been encouraging him to share more about these activities with the world.

Kean and Elias

One of Elias’s personal passions is making music. And the tools he uses to make it sometimes come from surprising places.

Since the first time I entered a roomful of 3D printers all working at the same time, there seemed to be…

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