Thursday Top Five – January 9, 2020

Hey, it’s Michael from ArchSmarter.

Happy New Year! I hope you had some time off for the holidays.

I’m just back from a couple of weeks off myself. It was great. No email, no checking in, just some time off with the family. We visited family, went skiing and ice skating, cooked a lot, and even saw a couple of movies. It was seriously relaxing. I hadn’t realized I needed the time off. Sometimes we get so used to the fast pace that we don’t realize we need some time to slow down. That was definitely true in my case. It was only when I had stopped working that I realized my body and brain needed a break. That made the time off all the more valuable.

But now it’s back to work. I’ve already rearranged my office and cleaned off my desk for the New Year. Today, I’m writing up my 2019 yearly review. As part of the process, I’m looking at ArchSmarter’s statistics. 2019 was a good year! In all, 385,000 readers visited the ArchSmarter website and read a total of 476,000 pages. These numbers…

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