Swissbau 2020 – Through the Interface

Bright and early, yesterday morning, I hopped on a train (well, a couple of trains) to get across to Basel for this year’s Swissbau, the bienniel construction-related trade show held in Switzerland, and apparently one of the largest in Europe.

Catching the train

I’d never been before, but thanks to social media I’d compiled a list of people to see there, and had even coordinated to meet up with my friend and fellow blogger, Jeremy Tammik.

Arriving at Swissbau

There was quite a bit going on at Swissbau, even outside the exhibition  hall. At one point I saw some people performing while suspended from a building. And no, that’s not how people typically clean windows in Switzerland. 😉

Cirque du Swissbau

The centre itself has a very cool feature: a whole coated in huge fish-like scales…

The Exhibition Centre

… that extends all the way through the building.

Holey moley

Inside the event is pretty huge, with upwards of 900 exhibitors.


There were a lot of more traditional construction-centric vendors, showing off new building materials and ceramics.

Traditional stuff

Of particular…

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