Geometry Systems for AEC Generative Design

Office interior at Autodesk Portland

If you are interested in new and innovative techniques to define geometry or spaces using generative design, this article is for you. The article by

Lorenzo Villaggi Senior Research Scientist, The Living, an Autodesk Studio

is filled with lots of information and a link to further Autodesk University class material.

”This article will show how to approach design problems through the generative design framework (problem formulation) with a focus on how to incorporate design intents in the form of geometric systems (model parameterization). Through Dynamo and Refinery, we will take a look at and customize a variety of custom geometric tools and test them in real-world case studies, from subdivision logic for office and urban neighborhoods to automated massing strategies and building siting algorithms.”

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Geometry Systems for AEC Generative Design: Codify Design Intents into the Machine

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