Grindelwald, the Jungfraujoch and a week off

I was back home on Thursday night with enough time to have dinner with my family before getting an early night (a relatively easy thing to do after a busy week in Soho). I was out of the door at 5:30am on Friday to get across to Grindelwald for the Gümligen Engineering team’s annual ski day.

Early start

I changed trains in Bern. And yes, there is a suburb of Bern called Wankdorf, which does indeed cause endless amusement to Brits.

Changing trains in Bern

It was a little before 7am by the time I got to the Gümligen office, meeting Nenad, Martyn and Adrian: Martyn had kindly offered to drive the other three of us to Grindelwald.

Meeting colleagues outside the Gumligen office

We arrived at the temporary car park for the new V-Bahn terminus in Grindelwald.

Getting ready in the car park

Right now the V-Bahn has functioning gondolas heading up to Männlichen, but at the end of 2020 the other side of the “V” will open up: a direct gondola to the Eiger. (Right now there’s a train that goes there from the Grindelwald Grund station which takes about 30 minutes.)

One half of the V-Bahn will only be completed in December

The whole group (at least those…

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