Eyes Forward…The Role of Learners in a Technology Driven Society

I recently wrote an article for AUGIWorld (https://www.augi.com/augiworld/issue/december-2019), that I hadn’t really put a lot of planning to but instead tried to speak from the heart, and from what I’ve learned in the 59 years I’ve been here. The response has been overwhelming, and I’m humbled by all the attention and feedback. I didn’t realize what a nerve it would touch, and how many people from different aspects of the design industry would even be intrigued enough to read it. It’s interesting how different emotions drive what and how we do the things we do, and what spurs imagination and thought.
As I returned to work on this follow up, I’m struck by how quickly our perspectives can change. We are currently in the midst of a societal upheaval, with uneasiness and fear striking out from a virus that we know little about. Playing the “what if” game drives everyone crazy, and if you own a business or manage one, you’re having to make a lot of tough decisions.

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