Minor updates to Warnamo and Capturefinery

I’ve made some minor tweaks to a couple of my Dynamo packages, this week. One was to make sure Capturefinery – a tool that generates screenshots and animated GIFs for Refinery optimisation runs – works with the shipping release of Generative Design for Revit 2021 (it now does, but needed to look in a new directory structure). This is available from Capturefinery 0.9.11.

The other was to add a feature to Warnamo – a tool that lists the warnings and errors in your Dynamo graph – to let you export the error list to Excel. This is available from Warnamo 0.1.3. The UI change is very subtle – there’s now a tiny button that says CSV in the dialog’s title bar.

Warnamo, now with CSV export

You can’t see it? I said it was subtle. 🙂 Here’s another screenshot with it being hovered over.

Hovering over the CSV button

Clicking on this button asks you to select a file location and then exports a CSV file you can load (for instance) in Excel.

Error list

Thanks to Jan Boonen for suggesting this feature. If anyone has any other thoughts on where…

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