Know the Whole Plan – But Be Ready to Change It

We discussed the importance of listening already, and I wanted to pull out a note from that post and expand on it a little.

You will often find that when a user or new client comes to you with a problem or a workflow that they need to work on, your brain immediately finds a pathway to a solution. As design technology support people, it is baked into our DNA to want to fix things. It triggers something in the brain with happy feelings. Probably. The science isn’t done yet…

This is a great skill to nurture. Find those pathways, recognize obstacles, build solutions. Do it in the blink of an eye.

But don’t share it until it’s the right time.

Make sure you have collected all the data from all the parties before you lay out your master plan. There might be something critical that you have missed.

And the most important thing to remember – be ready to change it. You never know what hurdles you will run into: personnel, money, time, etc. Anything can impact your plan.

The fix is what’s…

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