Multi-storied Building Design in Etabs v18 | IS 456:2000 | Part-2

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In this tutorial we will see- Assigning proper Diaphragm,Applying seismic loads as per IS 1893:2016 with explanation, Applying wind loads as per IS 875:2015 with explanation,None line warning resolving with null beam, Assigning Pier & Spandrel label properly, Mass source and Self weight multiplier sensitivity,Analysis & Design of the structure as per IS 456:2000, Effect of additional shear wall for internal columns, When to change column orientation for better design, Where we can release Beam Torsion, and much more tips, tricks and important topic explained inside.
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Difference between wall Pier and Spandrel- ://

Shear Wall or Lift Core Design in Etabs in Details-

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