Revit 2021 Now Available

What’s New  + How To Download, Install, Activate and Update Revit 2021

It’s that time of year again. Revit 2021 is out now! All other Autodesk 2021 software should be out soon as well. Customers with a current maintenance plan and/or subscription can download 2021 from your Autodesk Account whenever you are ready. However, please check out the System Requirements page for Revit 2021 first, to make sure your machine is compatible. I will include download, installation, activation, update instructions below in this post.


  • Login to your Autodesk Account
  • Go to “All products & Services”
  • Open the contract with your license that you wish to download (>)
  • For individual products or Design Suites: Click “view downloads”. For Industry Collections click “view [included] items”
  • For Industry Collections: Open the product you wish to download from the list (>) and click “view downloads”
  • On the “downloads” tab, choose your release year, platform and language from the drop down. If…

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