Autodesk Revit Shortcuts to Boost Workflow

Follow these tips and spare yourself long periods of squandered, dreary work in Revit. Learning these 8 top tips and alternate routes can make fulfilling venture time constraints multiple times simpler and increasingly powerful.

1. Bid farewell To Accidental Clicks: Incidental double taps on a part family can destroy the second by taking you directly to the family editor. You can either hinder your mouse clicking speed or modify the Revit settings so it does what you need it to do. Go to the User Interface tab inside the Revit Options menu, “Redo” the Double-click Options for families and select your favored alternative:

a. “Edit Type” (suggested)
b. “Sit idle”
c. “Edit Family” (the default – not suggested)

2. Be careful with the Free Stuff: Including parts that work with your BIM drawings shouldn’t be hard, however attempting to utilize segments from producers and different sources that don’t comprehend your activity and anticipating that they should all work, is crazy. It…

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