Workspaces Are Changing and Evolving Amid the Pandemic >

Workspaces Are Changing and Evolving Amid the Pandemic
Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on July 28, 2020 |

Manufacturing production cells reopening businesses has meant rethinking and redoing workspaces.

As businesses prepare for eventual reopenings, changing health guidelines and employee safety have become more relevant than ever. That has led to rethinking workspaces across industries, as well as embracing technology to make that happen. Adjusting to the changing times is likely to result in returning to unfamiliar spaces and procedures.

For many businesses, stay-at-home orders meant instant planning to figure out a way for employees to work from home. While there may have been a few bumps in the road, it has been a solution that may end up being permanent or semipermanent in the future. Unfortunately, working from home doesn’t often work for hands-on industries, such as research and development labs and manufacturing production cells.

With social distancing becoming much more than a buzzword, figuring out a way to incorporate such a policy into a workspace can be a challenge. In an office setting, there will likely be a move away from collaborative space and open space plans. Instead, higher cubicles, plastic or glass partitions and individual offices may become the new norm.

Fixed or movable barriers, along with maintaining social distancing guidelines, will likely be included in new office layouts. (Image courtesy of SMARTdesks.)

Lab environments have…

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