How Does 3D CAD Modeling Help Furniture Manufacturers?

Parametric 3D CAD modeling has given furniture manufacturers a definite advantage over traditional drafting practices for manufacturing drawings. 3D CAD’s ease in adopting new design trends and customization at affordable costs gives it a winning edge.

New-age furniture demands much more than just storage and comfort and the furniture manufacturing industry is fast adapting to changing customer preferences. The focus is now on offering functional as well as aesthetically appealing furniture.

However, bringing to the table, comfortable, durable and aesthetic furniture presents many challenges. It takes several iterations before designs are approved and manufacturing kicks-off.

This is where 3D CAD modeling in furniture design steps in to save the day!

3D CAD modeling saves time by allowing you to make changes in the existing design without having to build it from scratch, along with better design communication and improved quality.

Challenges Faced by Furniture Designers and…

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