Prefabrication and Industrialized Construction Methods in MEP

MEP Subcontractors Exemplify the Rise of the New Manufacturer

Amy Marks, Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk wrote a great article discussing MEP subcontractors role in Industrialized Construction methods.

“Subcontractors’ investment and experience in prefabrication is driving the industrialized construction ecosystem

There is growing recognition today that prefabrication represents an opportunity to transform the construction industry. By moving from onsite construction to industrialized construction, projects can benefit from improved safety, productivity and predictability.

When we picture prefabrication in action, we often visualize whole modules of apartments or hotel rooms manufactured at scale and slotted into place in the span of several hours — and this purported image can make widespread adoption seem a long way off.

In actuality, one group of subcontractors is already leading the way in prefabrication, virtually behind the scenes: mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) subcontractors, who have…

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