The Next Generation

This is really more of an observation than anything.

AutoCAD has been around for almost forty years now. And while the birth of ACAD wasn’t the beginning of “CAD(D)”, it certainly was the start of accessibility and more wide spread adoption. It was also the beginning of the new role in organization’s that became the CAD Manager.

Many of those CAD Managers became BIM Managers, or kept working hard in their CAD Manager roles. Whatever path they took, they were pioneers. And we are starting to see many of that first generation getting ready to retire.

I encourage anyone in up and coming groups of CAD and BIM Managers to learn what you can from these pioneers before they do one last sync with central.

And to those of you getting ready for a well deserved break, be sure to share your knowledge; document, teach, and mentor. That’s something I would encourage all the time, but especially now.

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