The Problem With “I Was Going to Do That”

We all get busy… very busy. We all have many things thrown at us at once. I, and I wager many of you, sometimes just plain forget things.

And sometimes, someone else picks up what we dropped and takes care of it for us.

This, is totally fine, assuming it doesn’t become a habit. We are part of a team, and everyone should have everyone’s back.

What is not fine, and what I hear from a high number of design technology support folks is the immediate reply of “I was going to do that.”

We find it as a personal challenge to be the best and brightest in the room. When someone does our job, we sometimes take it as an attack and the immediate response is to defend.

The phrase “I was going to do that,” should be removed from your bank of phrases. It immediately is followed, whether out-loud or not, with “Well, why didn’t you?” It diminishes the efforts of the person that did do it. It’s a negative reaction and creates nothing, it simply takes away.

We are here to build a team, and to fix…

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