Knowledge Sharing in AEC – BIMvoice Episode 16

This interview focused on the importance of knowledge sharing to drive digital transformation across the Built Environment. The main topics covered the #BIMeInitiative, the #BIMdictionary, #CommunitiesOfPractice, and the how individual efforts can have significant impacts.

This interview was conducted by Petru Conduraru, Civil Engineer living and working in Norway, with Bilal Succar on August 5, 2020 and is also available on Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, and

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
02:46 BIM beginnings
04:36 Ideology and tools
06:56 Challenging the Status quo
12:56 What is BIM?
14:06 The BIM dictionary
18:09 BIM Excellence Initiative – introduction
25:09 BIMe Initiative’s Mission
32:37 Motivation behind the BIMe initiative
40:38 Opinion about standardization
42:49 Knowledge Sharing in AEC
45:56 Research in AEC
47:26 BIMe Initiative Projects
53:25 BIM adoption around the world
59:32 The fallacy of ranking countries’ BIM adoption
1:05:28 Improving efficiency in AEC
1:11:24 Importance of incremental improvement
1:14:20 Brainstorming ideas
1:18:36 How large is the BIMe Initiative
1:21:52 Can someone join the BIMe Initiative
1:26:59 Whom is the BIMe Initiative for?
1:29:16 Resources to learn more about BIM
1:31:08 How long do you think it will take for AEC to get to the next level?
1:34:54 Contact Information