How to prepare Rebar Schedules in Revit?

This is a step by step tutorial about how to prepare bar bending schedule in Revit. I made this tutorial in very simple steps so beginners can also learn easily. I am going to Place a Column and Footing, then I place rebars in column & Footing, Then Made a rebar schedule, I imported the images for schedule place them in schedule & then I made a A3 Sheet set for my drawing I placed rebar schedule and drawing in that sheet style.

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00:00 Intro
00:29 Column with footing design
02:03 Rebar Placement
06:08 Model 3D Rebars
07:13 Assign Schedule Marks
08:21 Extend Rebars from Top
08:39 Rebar Schedule
10:23 Image Section in Rebar schedule
11:23 Remove Millimeter Sign from Dimensions
11:59 Modify Schedule Appearance
12:11 New Sheet Style
12:42 Place Schedule & Drawing in Sheet

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