For a couple of years now I’ve been telling myself I need to do shorter posts and get them out twice a week.  More immediacy.  I get a bit frustrated by how long it takes to do some serious modelling, assemble the pictures, write the text, review & post ….

Problem is that long thoughtful posts are my trademark and I really enjoy having ten years worth of carefully documented explorations to look back upon.  Then last weekend I stumbled across a solution by accident. While working, share a single image and a couple of sentences directly to LinkedIn.  I think of it as my version of “Live Streaming”.  Give people a sense of what’s happening in real time when I start using my BIM pencil to look more carefully at one of the hundreds of buildings that have caught my attention over the years.

St Mary’s Limehouse by Nicholas Hawksmoor 1713.  I lived almost next door to this church for a few weeks some 40 years ago, and I did an “urban design study” of all six of…

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