Adding building systems to Dashers 2D heatmaps

As a recap, so far in this series we’ve looked at creating 2D heatmaps, making them resizable, adding lots of them inside Project Dasher, and then making them pinnable per-level.

There are two main tasks left for the completed feature – which will form the core of my upcoming class for AU2020 – which are to add information on building systems and to implement a UI to make these new views easier to access.

Today we’re focusing on adding building system information. Let’s first step back and talk about why this is important…

One of the key insights we’ve derived over the years with Project Dasher is that data correlation is valuable. This might mean correlating occupancy data with CO2 levels, or seeing people moving across a bridge and comparing that with stress levels. Context is important.

In this series we’ve already seen the introduction of the ability to correlate data across sensor types – something that was possible before, but not in a highly visual way –…

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