Floor framework with voids – landarchBIM

When working with shaped-edited Floors, it can be a bit cumbersome to work with complex shapes, since Revit will create a point at each vertex of the outline.

So for example, if you are making a sidewalk shaped like this, Revit forces points at each vertex:

One way around this is to create a larger floor “framework” and then to cut out the shape you want using voids.

To start off, I usually like to create the complex floor first as a flat floor. This is useful to simply visualize the shapes and also to serve as a guide when creating the voids.

So here is the shape I’m working with.

This is a common sidewalk shape, once you account for the various planters that are usually along the curb.

So the next step is to determine the shape for the larger floor. This is where grading and slope should be considered. For sidewalks, usually the simpler the better, but for other situations it might vary. Essentially, think about where you want to have points and…

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