Dynamo 2.8 is well worth a look!

My friend Sol posted a few weeks ago about the latest release of Dynamo – currently available in Sandbox form – which has a number of compelling enhancements.

First-up is a migration tool – developed by the talented team at Matterlab – which will take your code from IronPython 2 to CPython 3. This is something I’d tried manually a couple of months ago, and frankly I’m delighted there’s now a tool available.

Migrating MaRS with Dynamo 2.8

The tool is really slick! It found issues (mainly related to whitespace, admittedly) in my already translated code, and also made short work of translating a few nodes I’d missed, last time around. I will say that I’m missing a “batch mode” – or at least a mode that allows you to work through a list of nodes to change, much as Warnamo does with warnings/errors – but that shouldn’t be hard to write, if it hasn’t already been created and I’ve somehow missed it.

It’s great to see that print() has been enabled inside Python code – sending the…

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