Manufacturer product data and standards

Su Butcher who runs the Just Practicing consultancy – – is currently working with the IET to look at how manufacturers can digital structure their product information.

The following report was published and the request for feedback made.

I dropped an email through to Su and also had a quick web meeting to discuss ideas. She mentioned that I should share my thoughts, so here we go…

A. The general principles

I think there is no doubt that the construction industry needs to do more in terms of adopting digital. So any discussions that are out there encouraging this are good discussions to have.

You only need to look at websites like RightMove or AutoTrader to see how much easier it is sourcing house or car information if you can digitalise and move into the cloud. Equally, where data structures can be openly agreed then even greater efficiencies are possible. Search for cinema times on Google or Microsoft Bing…

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