Revit 2021.1 and Load Autodesk Content

Revit 2021.1 was recently released by Autodesk – for those waiting on the first ‘point release’ before upgrading to Revit 2021, this might be time to go for it.

But wait – there is a new feature in 2021.1 that you need to know about:

“Load Autodesk Family” Technology Preview

When you install Revit 2021.1 there will be a new icon on the Insert tab:


‘Load Autodesk Family’

This is a “Technology Preview”, which means it is a finished product that is released early for any Revit subscriber to test – refer to the Autodesk Blog.  It is a cloud-based (only) tool that lets you search for and download the latest Autodesk Revit families – but it is currently restricted to that content only.


If you click on the icon it will firstly ask you to log in to your Autodesk account – that means it will only work with named licenses (which Autodesk is forcing us towards anyway).


Once logged in, the Technology Preview dialog box opens:

This content is located somewhere on an Autodesk server(s) – at this…

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