AEC and Forge Hackathons – Through the Interface

If you enjoy hackathons – and have the time to spare – then you could spend the next month hacking, should you so desire!

Last Friday the 2nd online AEC Hackathon kicked off with its lightning round.

AEC Hackathon Online v2

The event is about now a week in: it started officially on October 5th, but it really only started in earnest with Friday’s kick-off and lightning round. The event will run until October 25th, so you still have time to find or build a team and participate.

It was fun listening to the recording of the lightning round – which was short and sweet, at just under a quarter of an hour – as there are some teams planning on doing some really cool hacks. And yes, I admit that hearing the first team say they wanted to build “something like Project Dasher” made me feel good (and also that we’re on  the right track). There are several teams focused on Forge, so this could be a great opportunity for you to either show what you know or perhaps to cut your teeth on a project…

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