BIM clash detection and resolution across construction projects

BIM tools and its collaborative interface allows stakeholders to foresee construction conflicts at pre-construction stage. Its clash detection features allow easy resolution of clashes, reducing rework and optimizing resource utilization.

Construction projects often throw up clashes between multiple disciplines in terms of positioning, material or scheduling. The prime contributor of such clashes, which lead to reworks, material and manpower waste and schedule overruns, is poor interdisciplinary coordination. 2D drawings prove to be inept at detecting these clashes.

Parametric 3D BIM models in Revit are capable of visualization and real time collaboration across disciplines and geographies. They detect and resolve clashes early on in the design stage, preventing costly rework and delayed schedules.

No wonder then that construction and architectural companies around the world are adopting BIM to enhance efficiencies and ROIs.

What makes BIM an ideal solution for clash detection in…

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