Steep roads, waterfalls and outsider art

Our children have been off school for the last two weeks, so I’ve been alternating between preparing my Autodesk University 2020 material and going on excursions with the family.

We had planned to visit Kosovo during this break, but as it was on Switzerland’s quarantine list we chose to cancel our flights. Somewhat frustratingly – just the week after – the Swiss Confederation added 15 new countries to the quarantine list and removed only one: Kosovo. So we could have gone, after all. Argh.

That said, when we’d planned the trip back in July, I hadn’t realised the timeframe for material preparation for this year’s fully digital AU: everything needs to be finalised and submitted before October 20th. So these two weeks would have been very difficult for me to be offline… cancelling and doing small trips has worked out much better from that perspective. We’re also seeing a significant rise in cases in Switzerland, right now, so it also doesn’t feel very responsible…

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