My AU 2020 class QA

Yesterday evening was the Q&A for my Autodesk University 2020 class, Lessons from Project Dasher: Building a Digital Twin Using Forge.

My first online AU class Q&A

People registered for AU you can use the above link to access the recording for the next 30 days. Just click on the Join Now button:

The join now button

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this session – having a full hour dedicated to questions! – but I think it went OK.

There were a few speedbumps: the assigned moderator for my class was busy elsewhere and so only arrived partway through. It’s AU week, so I understood, and did my best to muddle through managing the questions. I went sometime before realising that unless I ignored – or changed the priority of the questions – they stayed at the top of the list. Once I understood this I managed to clear out the older comments – that I’d absolutely asked for, as at times I wasn’t sure things were working properly – from the 180+ questions in the list.

There were also some audio quirks – perhaps…

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