15 Advanced Tricks to Master Revit Schedules

This blog post is a summary of all the amazing tricks taught by Purvi Gandhi Irwin in the fourth episode of Revit Pure Live. Check out the episode here:

All the credits go to Purvi. Follow her on Twitter her and check out the website of CADD Microsystems. Also, check out the original blog post series she wrote about schedules. Purvi is an architect and a Revit sherpa that is now working as a BIM consultant in the DC area. This guide would not be possible without her.

Schedules in Revit are amazing, because they really harness the power of the I in BIM. Sadly, they are rarely used to their full potential. Some of the best features are not well understood, maybe because they tend to be hidden and not often discussed. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Ideally, you would have some experience with schedules before…

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