BIM 360 Linked Revit Models use Local Cache Path

We’ve been running into this situation lately. Linked Revit models start using an individuals collaboration cache location for the path instead of the project’s BIM 360 location.

At first it seemed that we could resolve it easily by applying the update for Revit 2020. Most of the active projects I deal with are still based on Revit 2020.

It appears that a fair number of firms are deploying “even” years and skipping the “odd” years. The larger the scope of deployment seems to have some influence over that choice. I’ve been working with 2021 in smaller situations though, wishing it were true everywhere…I digress.

Autodesk acknowledges the issue and has this ARTICLE to contend with it.

Wishing it were that simple, we are still running into it. Naturally there is another ARTICLE that mentions they are still researching the issue but that using Force Relinquish (BIM 360 Manage Cloud Models…

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