August 2013 and a series of fairly diverse posts.  The first one deals with embedded detail items and the “show when cut” checkbox.  This feature is disabled for most categories but can be accessed by changing the category to “window” and back again.  I should do another post about this kind of work. I wish there was an easier way to draw a detail “in-place” and then transfer this work into the family environment so it appears in every instance of a placed family.

The complex families shown in this post illustrate the kind of situation I’m talking about.




Switching scales from micro to macro in the next post.  Experiments in master-planning/ urban design/ density studies.  Now Revit is probably the wrong tool for this kind of exercise.  On the other hand it sucks to keep switching back and forth between applications and file formats.  Why can’t we move seamlessly between scales from a cupboard detail to a…

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