Come work on Hyperion to help drive Data Visualization with Forge

The Forge viewer team is seeking to hire a San Francisco-based Senior Product Owner for Project Hyperion, the technology being made available as the Data Visualization Extension.

(If you’re not familiar with the term Product Owner then in fairness you’re probably not a good fit for this position – the successful candidate will have PO experience – but here’s a link that may be of interest to you if you want to understand more about what’s involved.)

This team is part of our Engineering organisation, but there are certainly connections to the work we’re doing over in Research: they took inspiration from Dasher when building out their initial implementation – featuring sprites, heatmaps and a timeline – and they’ve been engaging with us and other teams in Research to determine how best to expand the feature set, moving forward.

In fact, the team very kindly shipped me this awesome T-shirt that arrived yesterday.

Hyperion schwag

As you can see from this, they’re clearly a good bunch…

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