Floppy Friday #25

This week’s Floppy Friday is once again floppiless, as we take a new old Atari CX 2600 A – with its gorgeous wood panelling – for a spin:

Atari CX 2600 A

We focus on space-themed video games – which were apparently a favourite for early video game designers, as the emptiness of space lent itself to more limited hardware platforms – looking at Space Invaders, Asteroids, Phoenix and Defender. (In case people are interested, we looked at Space Invaders and Asteroids on the C6 in Floppy Friday #14 and we saw some games on the Atari 2600 Jr in Floppy Friday #20.)

Here’s this week’s video:



I tracked down some information about the extra “joy-stick” that came with the console.

LY-010B joy-stick

While I couldn’t find out who made it, the joy-stick did come with some handy (albeit in places quite bizarre) instructions.

LY-010B joy-stick instructions

“Pls don’t work to hard when you play on stick. That can keep more longer for you stick life.” Words to live by!

Before we wrap up, here’s a fantastic history lesson on

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