Revit Turns 21! Here’s What’s New >

Revit 2022, which was released this month, has grown in many areas as the software turns 21.

Harlan Brumm, senior product manager, Architecture, at Autodesk. (Picture courtesy of LinkedIn.)

To find out how Revit has flourished in this year’s spring release, we talked to with Harlan Brumm, senior product manager of Architecture at Autodesk and an Autodesk customer who had early access to Revit 2022 as it was in the works.

For starters, we asked about the number one thing users request in each release.

Three Things Users Want in Every Release

Brumm said that customers are mainly concerned with documentation and productivity enhancements. In terms of productivity, he said, “the main thing that they’re looking for in Revit is the ability to be efficient and get their job done faster and be able to produce the deliverables that they need to get buildings built.

“One of our big things that we’ve been doing in this release is improving documentation and productivity overall with things like tagging and scheduling—lots of enhancements in that area to really help our existing customers be more productive.

“And that’s a constant from all of our customers—whether they’re new or longtime Revit users, they’re always very interested in that aspect of it.”

The second area is interoperability. “We’ve been doing a lot around interoperability for a number of years with connecting the Revit product with other Autodesk products, but also third…

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